Thursday, January 24, 2008


So - I have two knitting groups available to go to each week. One is 1/4 a mile away from my house, and the other is held about a half an hour away.

Both groups have a lovely group of warm, wonderful women.

However - I feel more comfortable and welcomed at the group that's farther away on the Wednesday nights.

I never knit at the Tuesday group that's closer to home - I bring my wheel and spin, and sometimes even teach spinning. The social dynamic there is different though. The women there are mostly close to if not already retired and their kids are all grown up and having kids on their own. They are also not very computer literate, although a couple of them know their way around XP...

The Wednesday night group - it's filled with both stay at home moms and working moms and some women who aren't moms at all... and not a single one of them is petrified of their computers, unlike the Tuesday night group. I also tend to actually knit or crochet at this group. It's fun, and hopefully I'll get Gaelon's scarf finished soon by getting over there.

Obviously you can tell my preference.

So why do I feel guilty like I'm cheating on Tuesday by going to Wednesday? Especially when I went to Wednesday's first.

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Oriri said...

I've felt the same way, as if I'm cheating on one activity with another. Mostly because I felt like I was needed in some way when it came to the cheated on one. After an entire day of being needed, no matter how much I love my kids, sometimes I just want to be me, and being needed by more people can be kind of a downer. Then again, I just might be crazy!

Love your blog design. <3

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