Thursday, May 29, 2008

how to freak out your cube neighbors.

So as last night was the first S&B I've been to since my step dad's heart attack happened, I had my HitchHiker Mini in my car still this morning. He came in to work with me today, and I took a brief break to empty a half dozen bobbins using my ball winder that happened to just fall into my purse on my way out the door this morning as I left for work.

This is the results - all waiting plying except the one in the bottom left corner - that's a failed experiment in plying Alpaca, and it's soft, but man I do not advise using the Kate on a HitchHiker Mini for the purposes of plying. Seriously... it's nice stuff, but that other alpaca you see there, it's going to be plied with some Silk I think. Something complimentary that I've been working on with a drop spindle I think. Something with dark but complimentary colors.

I do now have several empty bobbins though - which will give me a chance to get to more of the roving for that lovely purple and green colorway in the bottom right of the yarn ball pyramid. Do I know the yardage or ouncage on any of these yet? Nope. Won't do that until the end, and I still have all of the below shown roving to spin as well.

Isn't it all so pretty? Almost done and I have 3/4 a bobbin full still on the Mini. I'll be plying this colorway against itself, unles I find something in my fiber bin that sings to me to blend the shades together.

What will I do with these? Well when finished they'll end up in my Etsy shop or as gifts to my knitting friends... as usual.

BTW - regarding the previous post, my little guy is doing well. Thanks to all who contacted me off blog to check on him :-) He joined me for lunch yesterday and charmed every one in his path. I'm so in for it...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Scared witless

Not really a fibery update this week guys. My baby did something on Friday and then Sunday that really has frightened me beyond words. His lips turned blue in his sleep.

In trying to discover what caused it I've concluded that modern medicine is just barbaric.

My poor little man's been a pin cushion, been jammed in a Plexiglas frame that bolts shut on the sides, while he sits on a saddle to get chest X-rays, had an EKG run, and still has to have an EEG run that they can't get scheduled until mid June at Yale New Haven. I'm exhausted from it all, he's beyond words of done with it all. They don't know yet why he is going cyanotic when he sleeps.

It hasn't been something they've been able to observe... outside of a possible arrhythmia - there's a chance it was a series of small seizures - but they just don't know. It first started happening on Friday - and was noted by my husband at nap time.

Sunday I had 4 incidents of it while we were in the car, and I decided that I'd call my HMO's Nurse line. They suggested getting him into the Children's hospital that night, no later. Home on Sunday night, we went to his pediatrician early monday, and I spent the day in and out of medical facilities, and again the childrens hospital in Hartford.

They sent him home, his little arm covered in paper tape and gauze that he immedietly tried to pull off, that covered the site where they drew multiple HUGE vials of blood from him off, and he spends time rubbing the bruise on his leg from where they jammed him into the X-ray frame so they could get a chest X-ray

His heart and lungs look good on the x-ray and for the EKG and Blood tests - they came up normal.

So that one more test is left and the local hospitals aren't deemed prepared enough to deal with little ones, so they are scheduling at Yale New Haven for an EEG for him. (CCMC doesn't have someone who can do this until July.) This will require that he's sedated, and I'll likely need to take another day off from work like I did Monday.

I don't regret it at all, but I'm exhausted and just want to know what caused this so we don't have the ghost of the issue haunting us.

I told Gaelon I need a spa day - but I'm thinking I need a weekend where I can spin, and not be worried about kids, or anything else inbetween massages, pedicures and little things to help de-stress me.

Have I mentioned I was interviewing for a new job at Initech too? It's a wonderful job in Quality Assurance, an audit and compliance position. While dealing with my son's issues, and my mom and step dad's ill health I have been trying to decide if I want this job that I've been agressively recruited for. Critical analysis regarding my career is eclipsed by thinking about one beautiful little blonde haired boy.

So what's wrong with my baby? What made my him go cyanotic and scare the poop out of his Mommy and Daddy?

Well like the Doc said - it's just not known and they are leaning towards saying it's a virus right now.

I looked at him last night in his sleep and said "Garret you aren't MS Windows, there are no bugs allowed."

On the work front - I accepted the position. I start my new job on the 2nd of June.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Silk nice, icecube on my bum not.

Ok, so in the face of all that's going on right now with my step dad being ill and having recently lost my step mom - which brings the loss of my dad to the forefront of my mind and heart, I decided that if the kids won't let me get time on the wheel I'd haul out a drop spindle. After all, with a drop spindle there is no chance of little fingers getting caught in whirring parts.

So I've been working on a lovely silk colorway that I think is in need of spinning up in a ply with some Alpaca. The Alpaca only has me peeved with trying to ply it with more alpaca and I think that's got a lot to do with the fact that I'm using the onboard kate and my HitchHiker to do the plying, so my need for a real tensioned kate is coming back into play.

*sigh* I was going to get one at the CT Sheep and Wool festival - really, but for whatever reason it didn't happen.

I need to keep an eye out for one, maybe if we get to go to Coggeshall farm in RI this weekend I'll find something I like.

So - regarding the title? My three year old daughter is an ice chewer. She just crawled into bed and dropped a piece of ice down the back of my pajamas giving me a rude awakening. Then she runs off giggling maniacally.

I want to know who taught her that trick. I truly think they deserve a special thank you of their own. Don't you?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Well wishes sought

My step dad had a heart attack last night. Not a strong man to begin with, this is a very bad bit of news. There may be a trip to Las Vegas for me soon, and it's not to gamble...

I have a rough game plan if I need to go out for the funeral, and a very liberal boss who will undoubtedly be understanding. My complications will be of the financial and toddler kind. Yep - my 14 month old is still nursing, and it's not like I could leave him behind. It's hard enough thinking about leaving my three year old and husband, but man airfare isn't cheap and we've cut down our trips out as it is - I saw gas on the pump this morning for 3.99 a gallon. OUCH.

Now if he happens to miraculously recover (ha - don't laugh, he's managed it before, he's awful ornery and love my mom too much to just check out on her despite frail health) then I'll be taking my three year old to the fiber fest at the Coggeshall farm in Rhode Island next Saturday. She has a love for spinning, and I think that getting her turned on to non oil dependent (other than the petrol to get there to learn more) activities and fabrics and means of living is a good thing.

We'll have to see what the week brings before we make solid plans.

Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm too productive out of the office.

Today is my work from home day... those days usually start earlier, and end later than a work in the office day, and I am usually saner by the end of it as well.

Already today I've gotten 2 reports and one major document finished, and that was in the first hour of the day. It's a rainy grey day and I'll be slipping folding laundry into listenening to teleconferences. I get asked "How do you do it all Annie?" and well there's a glimpse... like most working mom's I've learned to multi-task at a level I personally thought unatainable before having kids.

Seriously, I've also gotten a couple of loads of laundry started and have a batch of wool I'll be cleaning today so I can card it and then dye it. (Crossing my fingers on the wool scouring as it's rainy, it won't happen if the weather stays so gross.)

I've also got yarn to ply, measure and photograph for the Etsy store, as well as new labels to make up for the existing yarn I have in stock. ahhhhhh I love my little color printer. It makes life so much more fun - printed out coloring pages for my daughter, photocopies of documents for me, etc...

When my SIL moved I interited her big old plastic bins that she had kept dog food in. These are going to be re-purposed to hold wool. These are tasks that don't have to get done today, but will hopefully be done by end of weekend. I am going to finish out my office/studio and get it back in shape where I'm happy with it. This means that I'll have several rubbermaid bins that will be re-purposed as well.

Yep. Work from home days are nice. I made hot ham n cheese sandwiches for lunch for my hubby and I, nuked some kids meals for the tots and on top of it all I'm also not using gas in my car. Yep. Definately nice.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Why would people be so thoughtless?

Where - MD Sheep and Wool Festival
When - Last weekend while I was in NH (see previous post)
What - Theft, Vandalism, Animal's let out of pens

Read here, and lets all watch out for eachother this festival season ok?

Kids and Dog

So outside of my spinning, I also have two other loves in my life. My family and my dog. The kids go without saying, and I've described them as my soul on my sleeve. They really are my world, and are the reason I'm a grown up these days...

The dog?

What can be said about Daisy... This little stinker of nearly two years ago

is now this little stinker (Picture taken tonight as I ran out for iced coffee at Dunkins)

She's still doing the weight fluctuation thing, and I broke down and went to the Butcher to get trimmings. Adding extra fat to her diet has been extremely beneficial, and she's starting to get a better sheen to her coat, and is just happier. She's never going to be a rolypoly dog, it's just not in her make up, but I can at least get a little extra flesh on her bones and an insulatory layer. The fatty trimmings aren't going to ever be a staple in her diet, but I can hopefully get an insulatory layer built up under her skin, as she was so lean that this winter was hard on her. No sweater would have helped.

We're going to go back to dog training classes later this spring, and she needs to be better about not having accidents in her crate. She's good about peeing, but not always great about her bowels... I had taken her out of dog daycare in January as we just couldn't justify the expense any longer - the money just wasn't there, but I wish we could put her back in.

I might make a decent living, but my kids needs come first over my dog playing all day with other dogs. We have 'Guiness' the kodiak bear disguised as a dog, down stairs to play with, as well as my MIL and SIL's dogs to play with on weekends - something I'm hoping to do more of now that the winter is over. She is playing more with Tessa instead of just jumping on her, but she's still got house training issues... she isn't good at the communicating her needs thing, and I don't know really how to change that, so I'll be dependent on the trainer for help with that. It's back to the Brittany Dog boards I guess...

Anyhow - I hope to get some better pictures of her soon, but I thought I'd share the pic I have here for now. She really is a sweet dog, and like my kids - each day she reveals more about who she is and how much fun she is to have around.

She's the sweetest thing though, and a real pleasure to spend time with. As she and the kids get older they all get to interact more.

I was contacted a couple of months back by someone who got their puppy from the same litter as Daisy's... wanting to know if we'd gotten papers to register her. None of Audrey and Arrow's pups were papered, as Audrey wasn't. What do you expect for a dog that is specifically not a show dog. She's a pet, she might be bird trained in the future, but that would mean I'd need to have her actually going out birding, and as we've not been in touch with our friend Brian that much lately (He's a police officer the next town over, and has voiced an interest in taking Daisy Birding if she were trained) I've not seen the point in looking into that aspect of her training.

Daisy doesn't care that she doesn't have papers either. She just wants to have that next meaty bone or sirloin trimming ;-) We're participating in a DNA study about Brittany dogs, which should be interesting.

On to the weekend, and my non spinning time...

Are these the cutest kids in the world? Seriously - I know I'm their mom, but still... and man Garret DOES NOT LIKE his monkey suit... can't blame him.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Have wheel will travel!

What do you do when you own a Hitchhiker and have a wedding to go to out of town?

Why you throw it in your minivan of course!

Friday morning while my family was asleep I broke down the Great Wheel, who by the way has a name now – Deborah. It’s components are spread between my kids play room and my daughter’s bedroom, and will stay that way for the next few weeks at least. After grabbing another bump of fiber, and making sure I had adequate number of bobbins packed too, I finished packing the Mini Van, and woke the family. We drove up to New Hampshire, attended the wedding rehearsal, checked in to the hotel, went to the rehearsal dinner and the kids and I basically collapsed in our hotel room from exhaustion of the day.

Saturday morning was a whole other banana! Up before everyone else, I brought out PC and spun up the rest of the Alpaca I’ve been working on. While trying to correct for some over spinning I of course under spun and a join separated, so I need to fix that before I can ply it. I love working with Alpaca though, as it’s so soft and really an easy fiber for me to work with. After getting breakfast with my daughter and then getting the rest of the family moving we did the typical wedding prep, including tuxedos for the guys, and dressing us gals up. My daughter was in heaven to be wearing her little spaghetti strapped dress.

The wedding was beautiful, and I can’t say more than it was a good evening for all – even for the baby who has been trying to break through his molars.

I’d hoped to get more spinning done, but it wasn’t to happen on that trip. We fell fast asleep once we got back and checked out the following morning. I still think it was a win-win for me as I got to get to the Alpaca without disruption, something I don’t get much of with a toddler and a preschooler.

Once I got home on Sunday I did a brief inventory. I realized that I need to get some singles plied up, twist set, measured and photographed so I can get them up on Etsy. I have probably a dozen skeins that are waiting to be listed, in all sorts of colors.

This morning I’ve gotten an order packaged up and ready to be dropped in the mail room… my hand painted yarn is going in dribs and drabs, but that’s ok. It was fun to make, and I enjoyed it. I’m not sure how regular I may be on doing the hand dyed / commercial spun, as I want to get a bunch of roving dyed up and focus on my own spun yarn both for the therapeutic value of spinning, and of course to sell on Etsy.

I’m spinning silk today on a drop spindle at work. I’ve had meeting from heck day going on where I’ve had the phone (handsfree unit) glued to my head, and haven’t gotten a chance to even get up to go to the bathroom. I do however have a lovely cop building up on the spindle.

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