Monday, July 16, 2007

Looming on the horizon... spinning my wheels...

So - The Kid has helped me find my first wheel. I had found this metal monstrosity that was devoid of any personality and looked like it might come with a boot scraper/lazy kate for winter that I actually kinda liked, when she asks me about a HitchHiker... no it's not a guide to the galaxy, but a key to my sanity as spinning has become very therapeutic. Best thing? It's not gonna cost a mint to buy it. I may sell off some of my Merino roving I just bought to help finance it...

That microphone on Ebay? Oh yeah, what it sells for will go to the wheel fund. Textbook too, aAs will other items I'll be selling in my de-cluttering.

This isn't going to mean much to most of my faves, but a couple of you will completely get it...
Constructed of Baltic Birch ply, ash and cherry. other trim woods optional
unfinished or single coat of teak oil. painted drive wheel optional.
friction drive
single treadle - left or right
orifice hook
3 bobbins and on-board lazy kate
14" wheel
floor to orifice - 17-1/8"
orifice diameter - 3/8"
4-1/2" bobbin
3/4" bobbin core
4-1/4" flyer width
6 stationary thread guides per arm
no drive band - rubber whorl drives directly off side of solid wheel
standard ratios of 7:1, 9:1 and 13:1.

Oh the lovely lovely yarns I can make on this....
It will fit in a book bag, and is compact enough to use to spin while in the car. ooooooo the possibilities.

What I was looking at before?

What the Lazy Kate for it looks like See? It looks like a bootscraper.

And then I came across this trailer - which had me laughing so loud I woke the baby...

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