Monday, April 14, 2008

How I'm celebrating my birthday weekend after next!

Yep, I'll be at the Connecticut Sheep, Wool and Fiber Festival a few days after my birthday!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rain or Shine

9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Tolland Agricultural Center

Route 30, Vernon/Rockville, CT

More event information

Because darn it, I need more bobbins and a lazy Kate, as I think I have enough fleece right now to choke a horse.

Babbling and spinning and life is good

We got our refund this Saturday. It's already gone, but that's ok. We squared away some bills (which felt nice), got some gardening gear, had a couple of nice dinners out, and I went to Once Upon a Child to pick up some clothing for Garret (my one year old.) Brand new stuff - new with tags, all from a consignment shop. I'm very proud of my score there, and it makes me cringe when I think what I spent 6 months ago at the outlet in comparison. Gaelon (my hubby) ordered some new clothing for himself too, something that he rarely does, as he has the SAHD wardrobe (non stainable tshirts and jeans geared towards being home with kids) and we've got multiple events coming up this spring/summer.

I got a hair cut this weekend. It's a bit of a long shag, and I like it. I can wear it long and just undone or I can blow dry it and it ends up looking something like the mom's from Suite Life of Zach and Cody. Best point is the perm I got after Garret's birth is GONE. Unlike the one I got after Tessa's birth, it fried my hair. Perms post partum are always a crap shoot, and hey hair grows back.

Along with my direct deposited refund, I got a bill in on Saturday from the IRS - which makes me think I need to contact them and see if I can get it in writing that with my 2007 tax refund (I didn't get it all - they took a good hunk to pay off my back debt) that I am clear. I'll be doing that later this morning, the wrong thing to do is to try to call at 8am on a Monday morning - because everyone else and their uncle is doing just the same.

This is the beginning of my new work week schedule. In at 7:30 am, out at 3:30PM, with a phone call every day at 4PM in for a status check. I'm also going to try to get that 4PM meeting rescheduled as I'm not the only person who has trouble making the daily 4PM. We'll see.

I decided I'm going to keep my hitchhiker mini spinning wheel. My father in law fixed it this weekend, while managing to dent the scotch tensioning knob and somewhere recently the on board orifice hook dissapeared. yeah - this makes me very not happy. I can replace the hook, and sand down the dent on the scotch tensioning knob, but man this stinks.

No one likes to see their wheel dented up, but if it's that or not being able to use it, I'm all for being able to use it. It's all lubed up nice too and the clacking sound it was making when I spun is now completly gone.

We also picked up some Watco Danish Oil for both the wheels, as this winter being in a very dry (oil heated) house has definately taken a toll on them. I'll be finishing the drop spindles I have for sale on Etsy with the Watco Oil as well and taking new pics of them too. I'm loving this earlier in earlier out schedule for work as I can actually get time in the afternoons to do things now. I think that I may get a lot more done during the week, and potentially even get the kids on an earlier schedule as well if I can keep this schedule up.

My postal supplies still haven't come in - I'm not too worried at this moment as I don't have any sales pending. I'm going to raise the prices back to what they were before by the end of this week. I had a 'Garret is 1' sale that only one of a couple of buyers took advantage of, and outside of that it's been quiet. I think I need to add more rose shades though, as those seem to have flown out of my store like mad. Who'd have thought that a Victorian Rose shade would be a hot thing this year?

So I guess this is the cue to say to those who've been oggling my yarn, that if you want some at the lower prices that they are at right now, you probably wanna grab them soon, as my next free bit of time both shipping and the price of yarn goes up. :-)

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