Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Creative plans ahoy... here comes another crafty weekend.

So my Live Journal AAM Mentee (I'll just call her J) is looking for baby slings/carriers, at the same time that I'm thinking of what else I want to put in my Etsy shop. I have some baby related ideas, stuff to carry in the shop, and as I'll be sewing this weekend, I'll whip her up an ABC like the one I wore to my Dad's funeral. She was stunned and happy for that. It's the one thing she's been dragging her feet on that she really wants. I understand completely - if you aren't a size 6 or under it's hard to find things in the big name stores that are comfortable and appealing.

It's fully reversable (Brocade on one side and microsuede on the other,) and seems to be a big hit whenever I wear Garret in it, so I'm going to make her one, and then get started on a couple more for friends.

Depending on the input I get on those, they may get carried in my Etsy shop, and when I get about to making a website showcasing the wares with models, I'll have babies to show them off in. Can you believe he's 3 months old in the picture to the right.

Good Grief how they grow. At the bridal shower yesterday he got so many comments on how big he's gotten. Laura had a lot of people in her family who were well aware about her being there when he was born - so the kids have managed to get a bunch of adopted aunts and an adopted grandma who just loves them without having met them before Sunday. It was very sweet.

I'm really looking forward to this weekend coming up - not a lot scheduled but housekeeping and crafting. I have soaps that are waiting to be made up, and roving to be dyed... I have to organize my craft area first though. A must do if I'll be sewing/spinning/dyeing/soapmaking etc any this weekend.

Making J's MaiTai gets me out to my favorite fabric store too - I need to see if I can find some cute quilting squares, as they make up a perfect size panel for one side of the carrier. J wants Pinks and Browns in combination, and as Michelle (my friend in Salem) is planning on going straight from wedding planning to TTC, so I'm also going to work on a Mei Tai for her. She hopes to be pregnant by this time next year, and hopefully close to having the wee one. all I can say is "Oye..." Hers will be in deep reds and royal blues... she doesn't think she'll ever have a girl. I'll also have something in pink on standby too LOL!

I also plan on getting out my knitting machine... I found a lovely lovely shawl I want to make, and the knitting machine would make it in no time flat.

It's called a Heidentuch and it actually ties around back to be worn in this way:

the ties can be worn on the inside or outside of the garment... it's so pretty.... and I'm looking forward to having it to wear. It should be a snap to make as it's pretty much two triangles that have curved decreases at the ends. It's a traditional Danish shawl, and since I've been all into my ancestory lately I thought this would be nice. I have some Bison down that if spun up thin enough may make a very nice very light weight version of this too...

Speaking - or typing about knitting. I don't think that I'll be going back to the local group much, favoring the Wednesday night group instead. It's just a warmer group with much more in common and I feel much more welcome. The Tuesday group is nice - but I'm working on providing AARP services at work, not focusing on how to recieve them at home.

My postal supplies should be in tomorrow, and as I just re-listed a bunch of yarn over on my etsy shop yesterday, I'll have it ready to go for this weeks round of advertising... which I usually do on Fridays, but have slacked the last month... too many delays too many people up and dying on me, and too much keeping me from working on anything yarn related. I'm hoping I can suss out a pattern for longies on the knitting machine too, and I'll not only make Garret some longies, but might convert some of my Etsy yarn listings from yarn into diaper covers LOL. We'll see. I can definately say that the ball winder will be a big help in that instance.

I have come across a pretty cool technique for hand painting yarn involving first knitting it up as a long panel on the knitting machine, then hand painting it, and letting it dry out - we'll see how that works out.

I have one other thing I'm planning on carrying in the etsy shop, but don't want to really say anything about it as I'm not sure how it will go over, and I want to make sure I can actually do it before I go spouting off first. I am sure those of you who craft and sell on etsy can completely understand that...

Outside of crafting, we also have some gardening to get to this weekend. I have seeds to plant, and a front yard to get all cleaned up of last years left over leaves, and branches that fell this last week in the downpour and windstorm that we had. It will be a busy and healthy weekend. Of that I am certain.

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