Saturday, December 1, 2007

Economic Depression does not sell yarn

OMG What the heck???

So - The craft show - very talented vendors, beautiful artisanship on a lot of things there... and the buildings next door were boarded off and a bit frightening looking.

It was held in the gym of a Catholic school, but the neighborhood is so scary that it would take a miracle to convince me it was safe enough to send kids into that area.

So - I have a lot of yarn for the Etsy shop. And that's ok really. I am fine with this, and have no problem listing things there.

I did make some sales, and did some Bartering for this awesome little hat that I'm hoping SOMEONE got a picture she can share of it on Garret's little head... hint hint.

The Kid came with Boo and spent time while I spun, and Boo and Garret got along famously.

She has pics to share... I just have to say that ABC Slings do not lift and separate, but instead make your boobs look like they are saggy and spread far apart. I'm not skinny but the pics make me look HUMONGEOUS.... and all I can do is laugh. They are a recording of today. I can be bummed because I look like crud or I can rejoice in the memory of what actually was a rather fun day

So here's a funny for ya'll when you consider the context of who it happened to (me) and what my religion is... (Wiccan/Pagan.)

I was nursing Garret and the only comfortable seating to do it on was near the entrance, so while I nursed I got to watch traffic go by (what little there was.) Well in walks the Parish Priest. I smile as he's immediately noted I have a baby in my arms (Garret seems to draw attention even when he's not nursing...) so I by reflex say "Hello Father, I hope you are well." Why I said just that I have no idea - remember brought up Pagan here, and my family outside of my mom are all Baptists.

He walks over while Garret is still latched and says "Let me bless you" and blesses Garret, tracing whatever it is that they trace (the cross? again functionally illiterate when it comes to Catholicism here) onto Garret's forehead while saying his blessing.

Garret looks at the priest like a new toy and someone else that he can charm to bits...

I smile and say "Thank you Father"

and am befuddled for hours.


I then texted Gaelon and my best friend Donna (Who is a reporter for the Catholic TV Station)

Gaelon's response - "I guess that's Tacit support for Nursing in Public by the Catholic Church then"

Donna's response - "What - you didn't get struck by lightning?"

A little bit later the power went completely out for about a half an hour. No heater, and it was below freezing all day. If if didn't kick in soon ambient heat would dissipate and I'd have to pack it in because I wasn't going to have a popsicle for a baby boy... Just as I was getting ready to pack it in? Lights and heat came back.

I blame Donna for putting the idea into the universe.

So - time to get pictures taken for the Etsy store.

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