Friday, January 18, 2008

Gifts of love

My daughter's cat brought us a "present" at lunch time.

There we are - I'm working from home with my laptop, she's playing on the Dora the Explorer site ( on her laptop and a little bit of grey fluff with a white string is dropped infront of my daughters computer. At first glanceI thought it was wool from my spinning stash, and initially reached out to take it from the kitten, thanking her for her good hunting skills...

when I realized that white string had a foot next to it, a very tiny foot.

that white string was a tail.

Delilah brought us a mouse.

Reaching over the mouse to the box of babywipes, I grabbed a babywipe instead, and wrapped the little gift up while hearing Tessa say "Mommy, What's that, What did Delilah bring us, that's not fluff mommy, that's not yarns mommy"

Yeah - I'm fielding preschooler curiosity at the same time I'm dealing with a dead rodent.

Delilah of course ran off thinking she was in trouble at my first "EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!"

because come on - if you were eating pizza, snuggling in bed and playing with computers with your little snugglebum - you'd be grossed out by a dead mouse too.

Mouse wrapped up, and tossed into bag with wet pullup pants, tied off, and carried down to the garbage can, we then sought out Delilah. Tessa praised her liberally, and the kitten is now laying next to me purring as I've also reassured her that she's done a good job.

Sunday morning she brought Garret a makeup sponge as a present. She's obviously worked her way up to the real thing.

Well... I did want a mouser. I got a heck of one if the past two presents are any indication. Good thing she's a house cat - the squirrels and possums outside would be in danger next, and I really don't want either of those dropped on my bed. A dead mouse is more than enough thank you.

And I think I prefer the makeup wedge.

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