Monday, February 11, 2008

Pics of my darlings, and enacting some changes so I can get back to sanity (and spinning.)

ok - First I have some pictures to share... they were all taken with my cell phone, so some have a pretty soft focus.

Standing on the toy box at grandma's -

Waiting for the HannaTanna 3D concert

Hanging out with Auntie after the concert

Being "Fierce" with the hair...

Now - I have a heck of a night owl in my daughter. I've not been able to get any more yarn dyed lately, nor spun. She's up and wants to help, and well a 3 year old in the mix is not always the best for the process of dying and spinning.

So with that in mind, Tess is moving into her own bedroom this next weekend (not this weekend as it's Donna's wedding and she's staying at Grandma's this weekend.) We have co-slept with her since she was a baby, so this is not going to be an easy transition, but we're going to try to make this appealing. Her bedroom will be turned into a Disney Princess dream, complete with matching curtains etc... The DVD/TV may not be going there, but may instead go to the play room. We'll put a cd player in there instead. She seems to fall asleep to Jack Johnson pretty easy.

She can watch movies in the play room while we get Garret down for bed, and then it's bed time for her with an earlier routine. *sigh* This will be followed up by enforced early rise for breakfast, and then as it gets warmer out, being outside all day when it's nice out. We have the van so my husband can play chauffer - she's going to start getting into classes this spring too which will likely have her coming home much more tired than just from a day of play at Grandma's.

We're getting a thicker mattress for the Pack n play. Garret may sleep more in it after nursing sessions so Gaelon and I have more bed space.

I may go home early today, stop and run some errands along the way. I still have to get shoes for Saturday. I then have to get that mattress.

I am in awe of women who can get themselves up, dressed, polished and ready to go all while having the kids clothed, teethbrushed, fed, and off to daycare. Seriously...

and then hopefully once this all gets settled down, I'll be posting more about my yarn production, and less about insomnia.

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