Thursday, March 20, 2008

PeanutButter, Jelly and Video...

So at home right now on the wheel, I have a new colorway taking form. It's a ply I'm calling "Peanutbutter and Jelly" and as long as I can get a few hours to get it finished, my game plan is to get it done and blocked this weekend, and then up on Etsy on Monday. The wool is Coopworth, and it's nice for scarves, mittens, and garments worn against the skin, although it's no where near as soft as a blend of Targhee, Merino and Ramboullet that I'm going to start working with in the upcoming months.

I've been thinking that I have zipola for traffic here and I'm trying to figure out how I can improve that too. I could bribe people with pics of the kids, but that only works for those who have a vested interest in my kids...

So I'm going to start doing some video's I think. I sell drop spindle kits over on Etsy, and I was thinking that while I send a written set of instructions along with the two ounces of wool, I might want to do some little videos too. Heck - I have the video camera...

Video helped me when I was learning to spin, and while I'm no where near a master of it, I am far more proficient now than just under a year ago, due to sitting at home with the laptop glued to YouTube, watching over and over as people shared their skills.

In the mean time, I have another funeral to attend this week (which does not make getting spinning and shipping of sales go as fast as I'd like to see it happen) and then with any luck I'll be back to operating under my normal paradigm with the new season.

Can you believe it? Spring is here! This means of course that once the weather gets better I'll be able to get more dying underweigh and will have all sorts of rovings to play with!

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