Thursday, January 24, 2008

Can you call Speedos a Pair?

So when Gaelon came to bed last night he told about watching the Power of Ten while I was out at S&B, and that some of the questions on the show got him thinking about the silly drama regarding my posts on divorce over at an other site I write at, which then let him to recall a comedians take on infidelity being caused by a lack of imagination.

We decided then that the best form of infidelity was the one that happened completely in a person's imagination.

Keep in mind - I'd been asleep when he came in. So I was processing this in a very groggy state. It was that babbling you do when you're on the periphery of being awake but just not quite. We have some very funny conversations when one or the other of us are in that state.

I then told him that I was having an affair right there in my imagination, and he laughed. I told him then "I'm all done. I had to dump him."

"Who did you dump Annie?"

"Daniel Craig. He looks great in a pair of speedos..."
(Can you even call Speedo's a pair???)

"But I had to dump him because he had a terrible foot fetish, so it's over."

and I went back to sleep.

My hubby just reminded me of this as I told him about my dream with John Larroquette buying me a bikini to take me to Bimini. Urm - me in a bikini? no. John Larroquette? Again - no.

Man my imagination is on overtime I guess. I wonder what it would be like with adequate sleep.

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