Monday, March 3, 2008

A little project for when the weather gets better...

The Ramboullet fleece I need to wash... omg it's so darn soft. Not a lot of vegetable matter and it's actually far cleaner than I expected.

It's a little out of focus, so you can't see the super fine crinp, but you can see how long the locks are. I'll scour the foeece and then card it into batts this spring. It's over 5 pounds before washing... not sure what the weight will be post scouring.

I have to bring in Beaky from the Mini Van tomorrow, and will do some spinning - even on the crappy ankles, provided I'm not feeling so horrid that I can't move. (Our whole house is down with the flu/cold.) I also have to get the printer drivers installed on the laptop I'm using so I can print out some mailing labels... I have to get some hand spun out in the mail, as well as a drop spindle kit.

Etsy's picked up for me lately, and I'm thankful of this. :-)

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