Friday, March 6, 2009

Frenzied Friday

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Ok - what is it with me and Ashford Bobbins?  I have had three FOUR bobbins fall apart on me today and they are all being glued back together with Gorilla glue (by my wonderful hubby.) Completely aggrivating and thanks to the first break of the day I had to start over on an entire spool as with the bobbin falling apart the whole spool's worth fell apart.  I'll save that for re-carding into an art yarn or something.

Not counting what I had to put aside for re-carding, I'm 300 yards into the custom order, on a single ply - with this afternoons spinning.  I didn't get uninterrupted spinning time, but that's ok.  I've not had the chance for this much uninterrupted spinning time in a while and since the kids are both asleep I'm seriously tempted (it's 10:25pm right now as I edit this) to go continue spinning.  The problem with that is my Jumbo bobbins are down for repair right now.  Tomorrow I'll be able to spin again, and it's actually a good thing that I can't continue tonight.  I need to unload the dishwasher and get things together for the ham, cheese and potato soup I'll be making tomorrow.  It's one pot crazy easy dish to make, but I want to have every thing ready to go for tomorrow so prep time is as short as I can make it be.

The kids both really wanted to help, and it drove me a bit batty - but all in all it's because they wanted to play close to Mummah and I took it for the compliment that it is.  My son is still telling me he's Peter Pan, and that he can fly, and this afternoon as I was walking down the stairs from our second floor he decided to fly from the top step halfway down in a single leap to me... while proclaiming "I Flyin!"

Oh they are going to put more grey hairs on my head than I would normally have had by  40 in no time at all.  That's the job of a pre-schooler and a toddler though isn't it?

I filed our taxes tonight, and wish I'd gotten it done earlier but hey- it's done now.  Our refund isn't that great but it will help out.  Job possibilities are finally coming in, and I hope that no one is going to want to do an interview the week I'm in Nevada.  It's hard to believe that the trip will be so soon.  I'm excited and at the same time nervous, but not as nervous as I previously was due to getting that strap for Garret's car seat.  Impromptu stroller here we come... and if he's sitting on it, I don't think they will consider it a carry on, but even so I need to check out the carry on policies for both United and US Airways.

I'm going to get that kitchen work done now and then I think I'm going to listen to my creative visualization CD (for weight loss) and go to sleep.

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