Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Etsy Up and Broken Ankle


First things first - wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I spent some time last night listing my hand painted and kettle dyed yarns...
My Hand spun needs to be re-skeined before I can take pictures, but I have a ton of those to list too - which will happen this weekend.  We've got a lot of other things to list as well.

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Pretty cool eh?  They were a lot of fun to do.  Tessa thinks the sock yarn is "Spaghetti Yarn"


I went to the walk in clinic.  Seems I've reinjured my foot, in the form of stressing a broken bone in my ankle that I didn't know I'd broken.

Go Me!  I turned down the Air Cast, and have an ace bandage on the ankle. I'm supposed to stay off it, keep icing it until late tomorrow and keep popping Advil.   That advice I could have given (and did) my self.  The broken bone and likely torn scar tissue however - that was news.




Last time I was aware I damaged my ankle - I was pregnant with Garret. Nothing like a 10 lead apron xray to make you remember when you hurt yourself last.


Also - 7 weeks on the job and I've already had to call the help desk.  I think I may be getting a new laptop...



Who won the pool?


I am horribly hard on laptops, I went through 12 of them in less than 3 years at CLG.


I'm right on schedule I guess.


*For those interested - Mom's about 100 miles east of Flagstaff.  She's trying to get in to Vegas during Daylight today, so she can get the rig put up the way it needs to be - done right the first time.


I'm so very proud of her.  Seriously - she's done this on her own, and has completely taken charge of her life, and her preparation for the retirement she desires and deserves.

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