Monday, March 2, 2009

TGTreasures Updated

In between helpful children and a helpful cat I managed to get my etsy store updated, and this isn't even with the hand dyed rovings I'm considering listing.

There are still about 4-5 more items that aren't listed in this Etsy Mini...

I'm enjoying a day at home with my hubby and beautiful children - even if they are driving me a little batty today.

No Shipping today...

Unless I can get the mail man to take the package I have ready to go out, there will be no shipping for TG Treasures today.


It might have a little to do with this:


Kiddos and an Etsy update!

Well it was a quiet weekend. Saturday was a hang about the house day and Sunday was Garret's second birthday party. Pics to come soon I promise.

In the mean time we had a lovely time, and got some cute videos, and are now getting socked with a winter storm. Blech. Even worse - I left my spinning wheel in my trunk of my car and I think that with weather like we're going to see tomorrow, I will be spending a lot of time inside over the next couple of days. New England in our region is supposed to get over a foot of snow. YUCK!

This is a video of our first snow in Dec, this winter - Complete with escaping polarbear club wanna be. My Toddler will be safely baby-gated inside however when I get the next video of snow. We're supposed to get something like that again tonight. BLECH!

I'm working hard at making Mondays my Etsy shop stocking day - so tomorrow I will go outside on the porch in natural light and the cold, and get some updated pictures of yarn and roving that I'm listing. Then I'll get some new items up in the Etsy shop. I took several pics tonight for listing, but my camera just doesn't do well with this florescent light and it's not got a balance feature. So - I'll just wait until the morning, and when the kids are still asleep I'll get some morning light provided it's not too grey out.

In the mean time - as it's been asked for - there is some Tunis Roving in my Etsy shop - this is undyed/unspun, and is for a particular Tunis fan I have, and I plan on dying a bunch more roving tomorrow - as well as seeing how the drain/spin function works on my washer with some roving that I won't be heart broken over if it felts up. On top of that, I seem to need to make more dryer balls as they've been a big hit of late. One never knows what's going to sell, but hey I'm all for it. The Etsy shop is making a difference for us financially right now and I'm not going t complain.

and on that note - take a look at what I'll be getting a better picture of tomorrow - and posting

Delilah does not come with the Finn Handspun ;-) She's Hobbs to my son's Calvin.

Ohhh Yummy - and only a small amount of the hand dyed/spun that I have to re-shoot and post.

And finally - My little helper... My Diva.

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