Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Have wheel will travel!

What do you do when you own a Hitchhiker and have a wedding to go to out of town?

Why you throw it in your minivan of course!

Friday morning while my family was asleep I broke down the Great Wheel, who by the way has a name now – Deborah. It’s components are spread between my kids play room and my daughter’s bedroom, and will stay that way for the next few weeks at least. After grabbing another bump of fiber, and making sure I had adequate number of bobbins packed too, I finished packing the Mini Van, and woke the family. We drove up to New Hampshire, attended the wedding rehearsal, checked in to the hotel, went to the rehearsal dinner and the kids and I basically collapsed in our hotel room from exhaustion of the day.

Saturday morning was a whole other banana! Up before everyone else, I brought out PC and spun up the rest of the Alpaca I’ve been working on. While trying to correct for some over spinning I of course under spun and a join separated, so I need to fix that before I can ply it. I love working with Alpaca though, as it’s so soft and really an easy fiber for me to work with. After getting breakfast with my daughter and then getting the rest of the family moving we did the typical wedding prep, including tuxedos for the guys, and dressing us gals up. My daughter was in heaven to be wearing her little spaghetti strapped dress.

The wedding was beautiful, and I can’t say more than it was a good evening for all – even for the baby who has been trying to break through his molars.

I’d hoped to get more spinning done, but it wasn’t to happen on that trip. We fell fast asleep once we got back and checked out the following morning. I still think it was a win-win for me as I got to get to the Alpaca without disruption, something I don’t get much of with a toddler and a preschooler.

Once I got home on Sunday I did a brief inventory. I realized that I need to get some singles plied up, twist set, measured and photographed so I can get them up on Etsy. I have probably a dozen skeins that are waiting to be listed, in all sorts of colors.

This morning I’ve gotten an order packaged up and ready to be dropped in the mail room… my hand painted yarn is going in dribs and drabs, but that’s ok. It was fun to make, and I enjoyed it. I’m not sure how regular I may be on doing the hand dyed / commercial spun, as I want to get a bunch of roving dyed up and focus on my own spun yarn both for the therapeutic value of spinning, and of course to sell on Etsy.

I’m spinning silk today on a drop spindle at work. I’ve had meeting from heck day going on where I’ve had the phone (handsfree unit) glued to my head, and haven’t gotten a chance to even get up to go to the bathroom. I do however have a lovely cop building up on the spindle.

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