Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Updated Etsy and OMG I'm tired...

I came home last night to a 3 year old who acted like she'd not been sick earlier in the day...  which was a good thing.  She helped with laundry (she loves pushing the buttons on the new washer and is rather anal retentive about doing them in the proper order) and then helped me take pictures for the Etsy shop.

She went to bed with Mary Poppins on darn near mute, and slept pretty soundly until about 1:30ish when she had a terrible coughing spasm.  This necessitated another complete change of bedding for her bed and ours, as well as showers for Mommy, Daddy and Daughter.  She was completely wrecked about waking up in this manner, and I can't say as I blame her honestly.

New sheets on the beds, hers in Disney Princess Motif, we also put one of those lounging pillows on her bed to enable her to sleep on an incline, and then dosed her with mucinex as well as triaminic.  Re-Coated in Vicks, with a waterless vaporizer running next to her, she fell back to sleep in no time flat.

Me - well I think I may have seen the clock turn over to 2:48am, but it's all a bit fuzzy.  She appears to have slept well after that, and when I woke up she was snuggled in under her covers.

I have two skeins to send out today - both lovely colorways and going to a good home - bringing the number of commercial spun / hand dyed down enough that I was inspired to actually load up some of my hand spun to Etsy last night - so here's what's about to go out this morning:

and here's the new Etsy Mini with some of the hand spun loaded up last night.

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Pardon me while I pass out on my desk now... or maybe I'll just go grab another cup of coffee.


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