Tuesday, January 29, 2008

When I have the inclination I'm missing the time.

I swear time is moving too darn fast. When I have the inclination I don't have the time, and vica vera...

What I do have however is some pics to share. I started on a scarf a few weeks ago after seeing a you tube video on the bubble stitch - crocheting of course.

This is what I started a few weeks ago...

and today this is where I am at with it.

The lighting stinks ...

lemme try this again.

Ok - that's somewhat better. What can you expect for a camera phone though - it's literally hit and miss with it.

So My dilemma with which night seems to have resolved itself. My MIL wants to start taking the kids on Wednesday nights, so there ya have it ;-)

Speaking of the kids - here are some pics from the weekend. Not a lot, but goodness they are growing up so fast...

3 going on 13 here with her toy cell phone...

And my 11 month old trying to look cute and innocent - don't let that fool you however. He's 100% boy.

Ok - off to get this posted, to traipse through my Etsy account, and then on to Ravelry.

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