Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wool Shorties

So the nice thing about wool for a diaper cover is that it breathes, and allows for a far better level of vapor exchange than any PUL cover or disposable diaper ever could.

And then there's the satisfaction of knowing you made it yourself...

Became this:

These were made from a beautiful hand dyed hand spun skein of Merino Worsted wool in the colorway "Slipstream" trimmed with a commercial Merino worsted super wash yarn in "Canary Yellow" although I'm considering removing the present trim and replacing it with a different yellow from the same maker. (see next paragraph)

"Slipstream" came from a lovely fiber artist over at Etsy - http://fabulosity.etsy.com and this was made on a long green Knifty Knitter loom. I am not 100% satisfied as I am not overly thrilled with the crotch join, but other than that it's an awesome pair of shorties made in little time. I'll be starting on another pair the next size up in a colorway called "Dandelion" (merino and mohair ooooooo) and I will be making a sweater to go with it and trimming that with the remaining yarn from the skein I made these from..

Whether you knit with a loom or on needles, I highly recommend the handspun yarns from Fabulosity - I've not been disappointed yet.

So - how did I make this?
It came together on the long loom really easy - the long green is 24 pegs long on each side with one on each end, so I knit the legs first - 17 pegs on each side with 6 empty pegs on the ends for 12 rows, then I did the body - all the way around. I'm not happy with the inseam between the legs, I tried to double knit those, and I should have just crocheted them together later... I then knit about 30 rows on an e-wrap and did the next 12 rows in ribbing with flat stitching. It came out nice and while its a bit loose for my tastes, it's actually perfect for this weather. I cuffed in the legs by rolling them in and whip stitching them in place. I really like how they turned out.

To make it tighter instead of e-Wrapping the body 1 over 1 you can eWrap 1 over 2 or even use 2 strands and do 1 over 1. I have a soaker that I did with two strands and it was crazy warm and a nice tight knit that way. I'll be making the next soaker from a bulkier yarn, but once I'm back to using the weight that this one was I'll be doubling up for a tighter knit.

I'll be making the "Dandelion" colorway on the Blue loom shortly - as my son is already showing that the shorties are already getting tight in the waist. Yay for growing sprees.

So - I'd say that the green loom will make a small pair of longies with a nice tight flat knit for the weight range of 10-15 pounds.

This design is my own and I have no problem with others using it - have fun, and enjoy the benefits of wool on your little one. You'll really appreciate it.

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