Thursday, April 19, 2007

Whatta Wednesday

I returned to work this week after seven weeks away on Maternity leave. I came back to a hornets nest of data and application restores, and have dove into those head first to make sure that the applications my department needs to function are actually available and operating the way they are supposed to.

The day flew by and before I knew it, it was the end of the day and my husband so lovingly reminded me that it was Wednesday and knitting night in Canton. Who was I to argue when he said he'd stay home with our daughter and I should go. As I'm nursing our 7 week old exclusively, he got to come along with me to Barnes and Nobles, for our S&B night out. I don't have pics of the project I'm working on right now but will try to get them posted soon. It's a pair of shorties for Tessa. I've done several projects for Garret, so it's time she gets something. Gotta try at least to be a fair mommy.

The pic on the left is the first soaker I made for Garret... Where it is I am not sure, as Tessa has probably taken off with it. That one will be listed soon on the mommy boards I think... it's perfect for a newborn and he didn't even get to wear it. He's still in the moss green and grey soaker but that too may only fit for so long.

Last week at S&B we were besieged by an army of maroon on a mission to take the inventory... and the beeps surrounded us and was enough to drive a person with a migrane over the edge... you ask did I have first hand experience on that - why yes I did. This week we had music too loud that was rather evil as it was close to putting us to sleep. I'm wondering if Barnes and Nobles secretly has it in for us.

I'm always envious as I watch the women with double pointed needles create such pretty socks, as I was surrounded with them this week - but presently I don't have the time, skill or attention to detail to learn how to do that. Instead my head is cluttered with server addresses, application settings, and defect severity levels. You can bet that some day I'll learn the real complicated stuff with sticks, but for now I'm very happy with my pegs. Speaking of that - I've put this (click the link to find out) on my birthday list and am hoping my hubby gets it for me. It should be small enough gauge and not leave huge gaps in my knitting like the knifty knitters do. I get around that by doubling up yarn or switching my stitches, but it would be nice to have something geared to a tighter knit.

I played with a feature on my cell phone that I've not used at all til this point - and am delighted with it, so without any further ado I share the youngest person hanging out at S&B in Canton this week...

My evening sadly ended with news I've been expecting but was hoping would wait a couple more months to come. My grandmother passed away... my thanks to the gals who hung out a little longer and made sure I got out to the car ok and that in my tears I didn't miss anything that needed to come home with Garret and I.

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Claire said...

Oh, WHEEE - LOVE the video! I am so sorry about your Grandmother - {{{{{HUGS}}}}},

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