Friday, July 1, 2011

Which Way Did She Go?

So it's been a little busy here over at Casa WoolWytch... I've traversed across the country, traveling to Georgia for a client meetings, fixed a washing machine on my own and of course recital season.

Fortunately, recitals are over – both kids did awesome by the way, and they are taking the summer off from those activities, however learning never stops. Homeschooling continues and as Grandma Oulin is now in the Pacific Northwest we've been learning about tall trees, whales, social studies games learning to write and geography. Traveling for client meetings has afforded us a great opportunity to have the kids learn about weather patterns, history of the east coast and colonization of the Americas and the future of industry in the region.

As you can see we're not seated at the normal site – I've had problems with my webhost, and am moving the WoolWytch as soon as I can reclaim all my files, so keep your eyes open, if I'm lucky I'll have everything back looking like nothing ever happened soon.

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