Monday, July 28, 2008


So - I got in a couple of packages of fiber for my fiber swap on Ravely recently. First came one from SweatPea Fibers. I got some beautiful Targhee, some Alpaca/Corriedale and then some Camel down for blending - which is just way cool.

This poor package sat on top of my shelf right in the laundry room for a week as my husband brought it in set it there and then forgot to tell me it was in... I discovered it on laundry day and was absolutely delighted. Targhee is a fiber I've always wanted to try, Camel Down just is way cool, and I love the blend of Corriedale and Alpaca, the colorway is just beautiful.

Then last week I got a package from Singapore - Ghostknitter sent something pretty cool - which surprised the heck out of my husband as he had no idea I was participating in the swap, and the postmark from Singapore alone took him by surprise.

Me - I was stunned by both the fiber and the goodies she sent along... ironically I had just sent a drop spindle to BrookeKnits - so I guess I had drop spindle karma going on.

I am working on my August project which will be sent to Ghostknitter, and based on what I've read, it should be well received. It appears to be a fiber that she hasn't used before or recently at least... I'm pretty excited about it.

and on that note I'll leave you with some more pics of fiber that's come in via mail or that I've begun processing by hand my self...

And of course - me:

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