Saturday, April 26, 2008

CT Sheep and Wool Fest Day!

First of all - it was a very tiny little festival, but a lovely one.

I discovered a couple of things - first I have readers of this blog!!! Yay! I've not put in any sort of sitemeter here, just haven't figured it out for here, so it's not been put in... and so I don't know my traffic at all - for all I knew I was writing to my self.

So it's a treat to hear "Oh you're the Blogger at The WoolWytch!" Makes me have my own Sally Fields 'you like me, you really like me' moment. *grins*

Anyhow - I got a late start to the day, so I missed out on classes I'd hoped to take this morning, but did get my HitchHiker Mini tuned up. David Paul from the Merlin Tree was there, and looked at it. It needed new bearings, as well as some other minor work, but my S&B group will be very happy to have a bit more silence on Wednesday nights, vs the sound of a playing card in the spokes of a bicycle wheel.

She spins lovely and I got started on 4 ounces of hand painted Merino that I pre-drafted over the course of the week. It's a very pretty colorway of greens and purples, and I will be Navajo Plying it I think.

I spent time with my friend Claire and her family, bought more fiber that was new to me for spinning - finer grade, supposedly more difficult.

I thought I'd have video, as I took lots of footage, but I'm still not too bright on video editing, so the vids will have to follow.

For the mean time, I'm tired - it wasn't a large festival but I walked quite a bit today as well as got that spinning done, and I am now pooped. The HitchHiker is a different methodology for spinning and as such - I get a different work out than if I used my Kiwi...

anyhow. Thanks to those of you who read! And I'll try to get the pics/videos up sometime soon.

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Claire said...

Of COURSE we like you! ;)

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