Sunday, November 11, 2007

St. Ann's Craft Show prep!

Today being Sunday is Soap making day, and of course more spinning. My drying rack will be filled with soap until I have more dyed yarn to do a quick dry with. Next weekend - Dye weekend as the supplies I've ordered will be here and by the first weekend in December I'll be ready for that Fair.

I have no idea what will sell - I've never seen yarn at a craft show, but in September when I was asked to participate in this craft fair I certainly had a lot of interest - and requests for sock yarn. Which I should have a fair selection to choose from - Insha'Allah

I've been a spinning/dying fool. What frustrates me most? Several skeins I spun up and put in storage are AWOL.


I'll just keep spinning - and dying - as what doesn't sell at the show can and will sell in the store.

I've got several other things to get ready for the show as well. IF this works out well I'll be considering several other shows in the future, but I don't want to speak too much of the future... one small step at a time.

Gaelon got me that swift to make up for the fact that I couldn't get one at Rhinebeck - it was a case of time, arms and ability to wrangle a preschooler, an infant and my inlaws who were just awestruck by the enormity of it all. I've also been told to expect a ball winder early this week. Wii buyers guilt maybe? At this rate however - what the heck am I gonna get for Christmas? I actually do need the swift and already have put it to use, so not like I didn't really want it now anyhow.

The Knitting group I have been going to seems to be made up of a lot of older women who are not really net savvy... it's an adjustment for me...

I've been bringing my wheel though and have been asked to teach. Initially I was completely opposed to this bu t the more I think of it the more I'm warming up to the idea.

I really should be spending all my free time getting ready for the craft show, but hey I am going to have to wait for the dye supplies and fiber to get here. Once all this is over I'm going to make that drive to the fiber mill in the Southeastern Corner of the state with all my raw fleece picked up this fall. If I bring the kids with me then maybe I'll see if a certain 20something wants to arrange a play date with the kids - maybe another visit to the Aquarium since we have the membership that allows us to bring guests...

I also have to take patterns and some fabric over to my MIL's... oh and my snap setter as I barely use it but with some of the things we're going to have in the Etsy shop we'll need to use it. I'm not expecting that I'll be there long tomorrow, but it would be nice to discuss what all we'll be stocking for the Dec craft faire and what we're putting in the Etsy shop.

Oh - the coolest thing came in the mail on yesterday. My Ravelry T-shirt!!! Would it be too snobby to wear it to Knitting on Tuesday or would it go over their heads?

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