Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Spinning on Iced Coffee...

Knitting group last night, Thanks to being fueled by an Iced Caramel Macchiato there at Starbucks, Beaky was in high gear and I got two spools on my jumbo flyer filled. We’re talking about an estimated 600-800 yards of yarn spun. I now have all three of my jumbo bobbins filled and will be skeining them up tonight so I can do a bulk twist set this weekend.

I finally really clicked with someone from the knitting group last night. I’m glad of that as it’s taken fricking forever and I was starting to wonder if I’d just be better off taking an evening a week and spinning at Starbucks without the S&B group. I am glad I’ve finally connected with someone from there, and I like her a lot.

So I’m thinking my long arsed public post yesterday was a bit much for peoples. Plbbbbbt. I liked it anyhow.

On the job front - I had my weekly one on one with my boss. It looks like I’m getting additional work on my shoulders and I am happy about it as he believes I’m capable of handling it. As he plans on retiring in a year and a half and wants me to take his job, well I need to start taking on more projects for him. He’s still pleased as peach with me now that the newness is starting to wear off and he’s sat back in meetings and listened to me push for my departments needs and been very proud. My goal is to make him feel comfortable giving his formal notice to retire and then to make him proud when he’s sitting back and coasting in the last few months and I’m doing the majority of the managing…

The kids are at Grandma’s today. Today is Christmas picture day and their outfits are just too darn adorable. Poor Tessa had to sit still for a hair brushing, last night and this morning, something that for everyone else in the world isn’t that traumatic, but for her is a nightmare. I usually put her hair up in a French braid, and then tuck the braid up on its self into a nub and elastic that up to avoid tangles but somehow yesterday she managed between early morning and late evening to get her hair snarled something fiercely.

Poor kid. If you felt wool at all, it’s like her hair tries to do that itself. Alberto V05 seems to be the only thing I can use to get it back to the curls it should be.

When brushed out and stretched out, her curls reach her waist now. I came home last night to her in a pair of jeans, long sleeved shirt and socks… she likes to run around nakie so to see her dressed kinda surprised me. She was this miniature person, not a baby and I stood there looking at her savoring the bitter-sweetness of it all. My kids aren’t staying at one stage but are growing into fine young people all of their own. *sigh*

Nope. No Bonsai’ed babies here…

I am looking forward to seeing their photos though.

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