Friday, August 10, 2007

Spirited Toddler and some new Yarn!

I've been a bit busy lately ;-)

BTW - Before I get to the pictures of the roving and yarn I've dyed and spun up, I wanted to make suggestion to those mom's with spirited pre-schoolers.

Watch the Curious George movie.

I kid you not. We're only on the 5th time of it being on around here as Tess loves it, but it's been a big help for us. George's personality is completely Tessa right now... curious, wanting to get into everything, no malice, no clue of when to stop, and it makes us stop and say "Hey, she's just being a little one who's out to explore her world." There are times she acts far older than she is, and when she then gets wired it drives us batty - but in all reality she's just being a 2 3/4 year old...

I bet you want to see the yarn now though don't you.

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