Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Bobbin Overfloweth and my Niddynoddy is AWOL

So I spun up "Grandma's Lilacs" and need to skein it up. The yardage is unknown as of this moment, but as I need the bobbin space to start another colorway I have to get it off the bobbin and get the twist set. So how the heck was I supposed to do that in neat and organized manner?

Home Depot to the rescue. 2 T connectors, 4 end caps and 10 feet of 1/2" PVC... While I didn't need 10' to make it - they didn't sell it in smaller amounts.

My hubby cut down the PVC and assembled it and in short order I'm going to have some nice long skeins of this pretty shades of purple hand spun baby weight yarn.

If I can get the monkey off my back (Literally - my daughter is the afore mentioned monkey) I'll be making some soaps up tonight. I think maybe a cucumber mellon and then some hemp with eucalyptus.

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