Friday, July 13, 2007

On becoming more fiber addicted

So – having made my first drop spindle, and then buying an Ashford Top Whorl drop spindle, then having spun up three skeins of yarn (some commercial pencil roving from Lyon Brand that taught me the basics, some black finn that my mother gave me and some Corriedale that I picked up at the local fiber arts store) I’ve decided that this hobby is one that gives me some peace, and I want to get into further.

So – we’ve begun wheel hunt 07. I’ve discovered that spinning is the cheapest form of therapy for me, as when I get wired and want to kill something/someone/wring marketing’s neck (long standing frustration point at work) I just pull out the spindle and some roving and let the hypnotic pattern of snapping the whorl, watching it spin and drawing out the roving settle me in.

I will likely be saving my self a mint in hand spun yarns as well – although I still have to say rocks and you really really want to check her out if you’re looking for a source for hand dyed and spun yarns. She has some pretty hand dyed rovings too.

I have been fortunate – the yarns I’ve spun so far are absolutely beautiful, and my next step is to learn to ply. I’m going to ply the Corriedale with some Merino that is known to pill in hopes that the next wool soaker I make from it isn’t so bad on the fuzzing factor. I have grand designs for a lot of my crafts, and hope to be able to get my own etsy store stocked with some of my own spinning relatively soon. I’ll also be putting up some of my wool longies once I’m satisfied with my design. I’ve got a gap in employment coming up so getting a cushion set aside would be a good thing.

I also plan on doing some weaving, and making diaper covers from the weaving... will they be of interest to anyone but me - who knows, but I'm going to give it a try.

Finding free time at this point in my life is a bit harried and hectic, so I may sell off one of my sewing machines, clearing space for and potentially financing my first spinning wheel… I already have a barely used professional grade microphone listed on ebay

Yeah – I know – where do I find time. I honestly don’t know, as the kids come first and I either have to do things with them or when they are asleep – or failing that at grandma’s.

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